Robert Kroll

“When a team is run by someone who is driven by passion, who is super-smart, and who works his butt off, it gets the results. And that’s the case with Bobby Kroll and RTI. While I’ve driven for Indy car and IMSA teams, I had a blast driving and coaching as part of Bobby’s team in what was more grassroots racing. Oh, and he makes it fun (despite his sense of humor!).”

Ross Bentley (a well-regarded racer and personal coach in our racing circuit)

Adam Colombo

Adam Colombo

As Juan Manuel Fangio said, 

“To finish first, you must first finish.”



Adam’s passion for racing started with his sister’s daily-driver ’67 Camaro SS at quarter mile drag races. 


Since then he has hung around racetracks as a track firefighter (Nazareth, Pocono) and track physician (Pocono) until he got started racing road courses with Bertil Roos in 2015.

From BMW M Schools to Baja truck sprints to open wheel sprints to endurance GT racing, he has a passion for the teamwork in racing. 

He loves a driving crew that comes together to make on-and off-track miracles happen. He knew he was “all in” when he cannibalized his street car in an attempt to keep the racecar on the track at Mid-Ohio.

  • He won’t let Bobby touch his car collection though…
  • A love of driving and a passion for racing is all that matters.
  • Every traffic light is a drag race.