RTI Racing hosts guests at the track during three-day race weekends

Forming relationships with sponsors are critical for motorsports to grow over time.  Without commercial support for auto racing, the sport as we know it would inevitably come to an end. It is extremely burdensome to enter into a racing partnership at an intermediate or advanced level, such as a professional series; however, it is possible and beneficial for companies such as yours to begin the relationship with a developmental racing team such as RTI.

We hope that you find motorsports interesting and that you are starting to feel your heart rate increase with the thought of being part of auto racing from a sponsorship position. We are always available for a telephone call or a scheduled face-to-face meeting. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We welcome all questions and ideas because we firmly believe that the best teams succeed when great people share great ideas to achieve monumental goals.

Many companies sponsor golf outings, fishing excursions or trips to Las Vegas, but progressive companies think outside the box and encourage their staff and clientele to elevate their heart rate by becoming part of the world of high-performance motorsports.

Promotional programs can be formulated based on the sponsor’s desire and budget.  One such program is a “day at the track” in which RTI provides several cars for a full day of hands-on, on-track excitement accompanied by classroom teaching sessions about auto racing, catered meals and the availability of a training room for corporate presentations or motivational speakers.

Another program is a “race weekend program” in which RTI hosts guests at the track during three-day race weekends. We provide thrilling guest rides on the track in the RTI Racing cars prior to competition. Guests are then invited to enjoy two days of endurance racing with catered food, entertainment and a meeting area for corporate guests. These programs are typically used to reward corporate employees or to impress prospective clients. Promotional attire, photographs and videos are provided to all guests.

Additionally, RTI Racing is proud to participate in corporate sponsor events such as new business or branch openings where the racecar is displayed and a driver is onsite.

Our notable partners helping us get to race day: